UVJF Is Another Reason to Come to Bali

You have heard of Bali a lot. What makes this island so popular is not only the beaches, sea water, art shops, art museums, and resorts and spas, but also the green landscape, warm weather, traditions, culture, foods, drinks, as well the locals. Balinese are warm, friendly and benevolent. Some travelers might share their stories of the touts, but they don’t represent Bali at all. Touts can be everywhere in the world not only in Bali. Even the number of the touts are minimize. You can handle them very easily as you learn first how to explore the island from the other travelers who have experienced enjoying Bali to the fullest.

Well, there is another reason to come to Bali. That is Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2016. The 2016’s event will be held on August, 12 to 13 in Arma Museum starts at 3:00 PM.

Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF) 2016

Reason to Come to Bali

There will be three stages prepared by the event organizer, Padi stage, Giri stage, and Subak stage. Those stages become the characters of the UVJF event each year. Each stage brings its own philosophy of Balinese and traditions.

Padi stage describes the rice fields and the green landscape of Ubud. This is the focal point of Ubud backdrop. Giri stage describes the greatness of Mount Agung, while Subak stage reminds people of typical Balinese mutual cooperation.

The UVJF music event is told one event to bring intimate in the best place. The ambiance can’t be felt in the other events in the world. It brings the lineup of popular Jazz musicians.

The Lineups

The UVJF’s lineups are those local and international Jazz musicians. The Indonesian Jazz musicians to perform are Arman & Penina, Bali Gypsy Fire, Margie Siegers, Mia Samira, Oele Pattiselano, Salamander Bid Band, Sandy Winata Trio, The Daunas, Underground Jazz Movement, and Michael Setiawan Quintet.

The international performers are Ian Scionti Trio from Spain, East West European Jazz Ensemble Feat Gregory Gaynair from Germany, Louis! from Netherland, Peter Bernstein, Piotr Orzecchowski Quartet from Poland, Reuben Rogers from USA, and Youn Woo Park Trio from South Korea.

Ticket Prices

You can book your ticket for the event at Tiket.com. You can reserve a hotel room situated around the location of the event as well at Tiket.com. Below is the list of the ticket prices.

2 Day pass-early bird is tagged at IDR 500,000.

Early bird-Day 1 is tagged at IDR 300,000.

Early bird-Day 2 is tagged at IDR 300,000.

2 Day pass -normal ticket is tagged at IDR 600,000.

Normal-Day 1 is tagged at IDR 400,000.

Normal-Day 2 is tagged at IDR 400,000.

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