Splash Run Jakarta 2016

Splash Run Jakarta 2016 is an event of 5K run festival. It is hosted by UPH Industrial Engineering. The run festival is going to be held on Saturday, 14 of May, 2016 at AEON Mall BSD City, Tangerang.

This run festival is unlike the other festivals or marathons. You will get ready to get splashed, and you and as well the other members will get your water guns ready. You will fight your way through the challenges and have fun. Every 5 participant will get a tree to plant.

Splash Run Jakarta 2016

Reasons to Join

Joining the Splash Run is a must if you are staying a bit longer in Jakarta. You can have a good time with the other Jakartans and have fun in a literally healthy way. Other than that, the Splash Run arena has 5 different zones. They are Fun Balloon Zone, Cool Foam Zone, Jungle Mist Zone, Glitter Splash Zone, and Splash Town Zone. You need to run as long as 5 Km. You will not get splashed only by water but other things like the glitter and mist.

The Prices of the Tickets

Book the ticket at http://en.tiket.com/tiket-splash-run-jakarta-2016 . There are two types of packages available to book.

Happy Package Regular is sold at IDR 300,000. You will get a T-shirt, string bag, sticker tattoo, No BIB, medalion, and RFID Wristband.

Exciting Package is sold at IDR 500,000. You will get a T-shirt, string bag, sticker tattoo, No BIB, Medalion, RFID wristband with IDR 50,000, Purchase Point, sunglasses, and waterproof mobile pouch.

The organizer promises interesting door prizes for those lucky runners. What do you think? Will you join the run festival? Just come! It’s one of the best occasion to make you healthy and fun. It’s worth your time, particularly, when you travel to Jakarta with friends.

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