Hill Park Sibolangit, A Good  Choice of Family Trip

North Sumatera may be one of the provinces included into your Indonesia itinerary. The popular destinations in this province are Medan, Lake Toba, Berastagi, Bukit Lawang, and a lot more. Most travelers skip Deli Serdang, whereas the town offers a lot of interesting places, such as Two-Colors Waterfall, Alam Sembahe Bathing Place, Siba Island, Green Hill City, Lake Linting, Sempuran Putih Waterfall, Loknya Valley, Lau Sigembur Bathing Place, Panen Hot Spring, Martable Golf, Sibolangit Hill Park, and Scotts Park.

Hill Park Sibolangit

Hill Park Sibolangit

We focus on Hill Park Sibolangit. This park is a good choice for family trip with kids. Hill Park Sibolangit is a theme park located on Sibolangit. This park is claimed the biggest park in Sumatera area. It has three different themes, such as Lost City, Toon Town, and Heritage.

The rides collection covers Roller Coaster (Gelegar), Ferries Wheel, 4D theatre, and amphitheater. The last one is designed for concerts or performances and able to accommodate 1,200 concertgoers. New rides and establishments are supposed to build.

The Hill Park name was inspired by the location of the park which is surrounded by the hills and mountains. Precisely, it is situated on Grand Hill City Sibolangit. The park is 1,5 hours drive from Medan.

The Heritage

The Heritage establishment of Hill Park Sibolangit is a majestic castle named Camelot Castle. Inside visitors can enjoy many indoor rides and shop at Camelot souvenir shop. As well this castle is a hub to head to Lost City establishment and Toon Town.

The Lost City

This establishment is a unique establishment with ancient stone age theme and dinosaurs carcasses. You can take the sparking adrenaline rides, such as roler coaster, ferries wheel, hill park train, and some others.

Toon Town

Your kids have to enter the Toon Town. Inside they will enjoy many types of amusement rides.

The Prices of the Tickets of Hill Park Sibolangit

A regular ticket starts at IDR 120,000.

Carnival Competition ticket starts at IDR 100,000.

Archery Battle Package A starts at IDR 600,000 for 6 persons.

Archery Battle B starts at IDR 900,000 for 9 persons.

Those tickets can be booked at http://en.tiket.com/tiket-hillpark-idul-fitri-2016 to save you time and money.

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